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At DentistryForYou we understand that children and parents often come to see us for the first time with a degree of being nervous and anxiety. It is our duty to address these anxieties and reassure both the child and parent by explaining the procedure before it actually takes place. The DentistryForYou Paediatric dental service is currently available at our Forest Hill Branch whereby our Dentist Dr. Jai Patel who has a special interest in Paediatric Dentistry will be happy to see you.

All paediatric dental  procedures are carried out under local aesthetic where the patient is given an injection in the gums while using different behaviour management techniques. Whilst most patients find the thought of the procedure worse than the procedure itself, we have highly trained staff to support them through the process. Where a patient is particularly nervous then we are able to provide behaviour management so as to cope up with the treatments


Restorations: GlassIonomer cements and Composers


Crowns: Stainless Steel crowns for back teeth/ strip crown for anteriors/ White crowns for aesthetic reasons

Endodontic: root canal treatment for vital and non-vital baby teeth

Fissure sealants: To seal the deep fissures to prevent further tooth decay using resin or Glass Ionomer cements

Custom Made Mouthguard: To prevent trauma while playing sports :

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