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As we mature, our muscles of facial expression can create noticeable facial lines and wrinkles.

Our DentistryForYou Facial Aesthetics Service offers non-surgical facial aesthetic treatments to subtly enhance your features making your skin look more youthful and smoother. Anyone can benefit from facial aesthetic treatments, both men and women and we can help you look, and therefore feel, at your best.

We use well known, popular and trusted methods to soften the appearance of wrinkles, frown lines, forehead lines, smile and neck lines. These treatments are relatively simple and as dentists who are used to working in and around the mouth and face, we are well placed as professionals to provide these treatments. Dentists give more injections than any other healthcare profession and so have excellent techniques for ensuring the procedure is comfortable.

Treatments offered include:

  • Wrinkle Relaxation
  • Dermal Fillers
  • Dracula Therapy
  • Mesotherapy
  • Dermaroller Therapy
  • Thread Face Lift

We currently operate this service at our Brixton and Leigh Road sites.

For more information or if you would like to book in for a consultation at either our Brixton or Leigh Road sites to see if facial aesthetics is an option for you, please contact us on 01702 746 089 or using the contact form below.

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