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Continuous Professional Development

CPD training days

Our CPD training days for all of our dentists

Every member of clinical staff should be engaged in continuing professional development to extend their knowledge and experience.

We encourage all staff to enrol for courses that are relevant to their current role and would support and enhance and improve current practice. Any additional course could be taken in an area of interest where they would like to develop their skills further.

All CPD activity is recorded in staff record and an annual audit is undertaken to identify training attended by each staff. We promote equity of access to the courses and ensure that each staff member has undertaken at least the minimum GDC requirement per year.

Harunani & Co Group of Dental Surgeries intent is to bring an organized system of continued learning to you, to involve all the staff members in our in-house programs and to help train staff in their areas of need/ interest; while not limiting you to internal CPD offerings only.

Our goal is to use the internal talent and the years of clinical experience in our combined group, and to leverage the strength and size of Harunani & Co Group of Dental Surgeries in securing nationally recognized speakers in the future, we are confident that we can exceed expectations for all staff.

We are committed for all our members of our team to have the resources available for their personal development. We hope to provide 2-3 CPD days each giving you 7 hours of verifiable CPD free of charge. Furthermore, limited places will be available for dentists who are not in our group. We also hope to include the core subjects required as per GDC regulations. We are welcome to suggestions for future courses an will endeavour to provide you the tools to consolidate your dentistry so that together we can provide high quality dental services focussing on patient care.

Dentistry For You BiAnnual CPD training day

For more information about our upcoming CPD days or if you would like to attend and are not part of our group, please email

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