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Private treatment costs

This fee guide provides a sample of treatments available at our practices

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    Private dental care treatment costs

    Fees for treatment may vary depending on their complexity and the cost of dental laboratory work. This fee guide provides a sample of treatments available at our practices.

    You will be provided with a full treatment plan and an estimate of costs following a consultation. Specialist treatment will be quoted on an individual basis.

    Prices are indicative and may differ depending on treatment complexity. Fees correct at Oct 2023

    Surgery at North Chailey Dental Care
    Diagnostic TreatmentPrices From
    New Patient Examination/Emergency with Radiographs£45.00
    Routine Patient Examination with RadiographsNHS Band 1 Fee
    Study models£45.00
    Emergency relief of pain during surgery hours£95.00
    PreventionPrices From
    Dental hygiene (30 minutes)£65.00
    Fissure sealant (per tooth)£20.00
    Advanced PreventionPrices From
    Air polishing (removal of stains from teeth) – Mild to Moderate£90.00
    Air polishing – Severe£115.00
    Sports /night mouth guard/soft splint£169.00
    Teeth WhiteningPrices From
    Teeth whitening – Enlighten£649.00
    Teeth whitening – home kit with custom trays£390.00
    Teeth whitening – top up (4 syringes)£50 each or 3 for £99
    Root FillingsPrices From
    Front tooth£275.00
    Pre molar£349.00
    Simple Surgical ProceduresPrices From
    Extraction per tooth£129.00
    Per Additional tooth£99.00
    Surgical extraction£290.00
    FillingsPrices From
    Amalgam – Small£80.00
    Amalgam – Medium£115.00
    Amalgam – Large£135.00
    Composite – Buccal£90.00
    Composite – Single surface£149.00
    Composite – 2 surfaces£199.00
    Composite – 3 surfaces£249.00
    Composite – 3+ surfaces£249.00
    Cosmetic Bonding Per tooth (Post orthodontic treatment)£199.00
    Buccal glass ionomer or children’s filling£60.00
    Stainless steel crown for children£70.00
    Pin for filling£30.00
    Temporary filling£79.00
    Dental CrownsPrices From
    Gold crown£890.00
    Bonded crown£499.00
    Porcelain (Emax) crown£699.00
    Temporary crown no post£149.00
    Temporary crown with post£199.00
    Prefabricated Metal Post and Core£140.00
    Prefabricated Fibre Post and Core (tooth coloured)£199.00
    Cast Post & Core£199.00
    Pinned bonded core£130.00
    Recement crown£60.00
    Dental BridgesPrices From
    Same UNIT fees as crowns 
    Maryland bridge one tooth replacement£599.00
    Maryland bridge each additional tooth£349.00
    Recement bridge£95.00
    Dental VeneersPrices From
    Composite Veneer (Lab)£399.00
    Direct composite Veneer£299.00
    Porcelain Veneer standard (Emax)£699.00
    Porcelain Veneer supreme – same as crown unit fees 
    InlaysPrices From
    Gold Inlay – Same UNIT fee as crown 
    Porcelain/Composite Inlay£399.00
    Complex Surgical ProceduresPrices From
    Complex surgical extraction (with bone removal) (e.g. wisdom or impacted teeth)£380.00
    DenturesPrices From
    Full upper and lower acrylic£1,199.00
    Partial upper or lower acrylic£699.00
    Partial chrome£1,000.00
    Partial upper or lower acrylic flexi denture£899.00
    Replacement /addition of a tooth£99.00
    Reline or soft lining per denture£105.00
    Repair denture£105.00
    Add non-precious gold tooth£185.00
    Add precious gold tooth£380.00
    Add clasp£70.00
    OrthodonticsPrices From
    Non Invisalign Aligners (fees per arch from)£1,599.00
    Brackets (fees per arch from)£1,599.00
    Invisalign Aligners (fees per arch from)£1,999.00
    Essix Removable Orthodontic Retainer£169.00
    Bonded Retainer (per arch)£350.00
    Specialist Periodontal TreatmentsPrices From
    Periodontal Assessment (extra for Radiographs)£110.00
    Periodontal Reassessment£90.00
    Non-Surgical Treatment  – Mild Cases from£300.00
    Non-Surgical Treatment – Moderate Cases from£900.00
    Non-Surgical Treatment – Severe Cases from£1,200.00
    Surgical Treatment (from)£500.00
    Surgical Treatments provided include Crown Lengthening, Pocket Reduction Surgery, Periodontal Regeneration and Root Resection
    Implant TreatmentsPrices From
    Implant Placement (per implant) (Includes digital plan and surgical guide and 5-year implant5ure insurance)£1,500.00
    Implant Retained Crown (prices from)£1,000.00
    Bone Grafting (price from)£300.00
    Sinus Lift (price from)£300.00
    Missed AppointmentsPrices From
    Missed or cancelled without 24 hours notice, (per 15 min appt)£80.00
    Facial AestheticsPrices From
    Botox 50 UNITS£230.00
    Botox 100 UNITS£415.00
    Botox top up£230.00

    Please note that the above are starting prices for the treatment items listed and may vary depending on the dentist that you see or the practice that you visit.

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