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    Testimonials from patients & staff

    "I just felt I needed to email you to let you know about my experience this week at the Kelvedon branch.

    I am 6 months pregnant and have had the most unbearable pain all week. I phoned Kelvedon dentist and they fit me in as an emergency. I went in on the Wednesday and was given antibiotics for an infection and told I’d need root canal. By yesterday it had got worse and I phoned back, the receptionist (I didn’t get her name, but she had an accent) was so lovely and helpful and said she’d speak to a dentist and call me straight back. She did and I got an appointment for yesterday evening.

    The dentist I saw (didn’t get his name either!) but hopefully you can get his name from my records, was amazing. He was very honest and said the procedure would be painful as the infection was so bad which I appreciated. It was awful! But thoughtout he was so kind, caring and patient. I really felt in that awful moment I was in the best hands.

    I know how busy you must all be trying to catch up from the last year or so and I really didn’t want it to go unnoticed how lovely all of the staff have been to me, particularly the receptionist I mentioned who is an absolute credit to the business and the dentist, who was just the most friendly and kindest person I could have wanted to do this procedure.

    Please pass on my thanks to them."

    Happy Patient
    "I cannot express my gratitude to them both especially Vish for his help and guidance. Any phone call I have made to the surgery, Vish would reply promptly to me and go through any concerns I had.

    This experience has been made extremely easier for me due to the practitioners I had the pleasure in making my Invisalign journey as success as it has been."

    "I just wanted to say thank you for seeing me urgently this morning and referring me to the hospital.

    I am absolutely terrified of the dentist but Ali and Emma made me feel more comfortable than I ever have previously, as both were so kind and gentle.

    Please would you pass on my thanks to them both and to Nicole for so patiently taking me through the practice."

    "I just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you at Riverview Dental in Forest Row.

    From the receptionist who knew I was very nervous and alleviated my fears, to the dental nurses who were very supportive, and to Mr Patel who put up with my nervousness , and explained everything he was doing. My new tooth is great and blends in so well with my others that nobody has noticed it’s back!

    I am very, very pleased with the result.

    Thank you all for a great experience, from a patient that suffers severe dentophobia."

    "Just want to say a massive thank you again for how brilliant you guys where with Oliver and helping get him safely to the car it really was appreciated and was a wonderful thing to do you guys really went beyond to make his visit as pleasant as possible

    Thank you so much!"


    "Hi , not sure if this is the right place to email but I just wanted to Express my gratitude for the service we recieved yesterday Sunday 9th August

    My 11 year old daughter Sophie had been sobbing in agony with an infection in her tooth and nothing was stopping the pain, After feeling like no one was listening or wanting to help us my husband contacted the Maldon surgery .The receptionist was extremely caring and listened to my husband explaining all the ins and outs aswell as how upset I had got due to the distress my daughter was in, A dentist phoned us back within a couple of mins and after explaining decided my daughter needed antibiotics due to an infection especially as painkillers were not helping, Living in southend it was then arranged for the prescription to be sent through to our local pharmacy save us travelling to pick it up.We managed to get 3 doses into our daughter through the course of the day and night and from 2 o’clock this morning she finally managed to have 10 hrs of solid sleep without the constant pain.

    I just wanted to say I am so grateful to these 2 ladies for taking the time to listen and reassure us that someone wanted to help and didnt make us feel like we were a burden, I can only imagine it has been an extremely hard time for everyone with all things going on and their empathy and time really helped us yesterday. I hope our thanks could be passed on to them

    Thank you for your time"


    "I would like to thank and praise your wonderful dentist Nadyn and her nurse Paulina at Mid Essex Dental in Kelvedon.

    I have been attending your Kelvedon dental surgery over the last couple of months getting my broken and infected tooth sorted and having a crown fitted which was completed today.

    I must say I have never met such a kind, caring and professional person such as Nadyn. She fully explained to me what she was doing at each appointment. I felt fully at ease under her care and felt that she really cared for me as a patient. Something which is really lacking in today’s busy world.

    Her nurse Paulina was as equally lovely and always looked after me whilst she assisted Nadyn.

    Kindly pass on to them how impressed and grateful I am to them for their care and expert hard work in getting my tooth sorted.

    They are both as asset to your company.

    I have, and will continue to recommend you based solely on the care and excellent service I have received."

    "After a period of 6 months I had my 2nd appointment yesterday. Again there was no waiting and again the work was carried out quickly and competently in a friendly atmosphere – something you might expect but don’t necessarily get.
    What impressed me on top of this was there was no marketing of other services. I ask about seeing a hygienist but was told there was no need this time. I rate this practice 5 out of 5 stars.
    We have been clients of the Quest practice in Maldon, Essex for many years. We feel that we must write to raise your awareness of the professional and dedicated service which we consistently receive from this practice. The administration staff are nothing but accommodating and helpful. Our dentist is extremely professional and always makes you feel at ease. We do our best to recommend this practice to others in our locality. So, please pass-on our thanks and high regards to our dentist and all of your staff in Maldon."
    "Hello Jo, I just wanted to email to say I’m so impressed with the surgery.
    From the outset of making an emergency appointment and registering with
    the practice to the treatment this afternoon, just fabulous!
    I’m a bit of a medical nightmare and most consultants/doctors etc have
    never seen my condition other than text books so I’m just so relieved to
    have found your practice and the treatment that has been put in plan is

    I was comfortable, relaxed and felt like I was in safe hands with someone
    that really does have the understanding and knowledge as to what he was
    doing with the condition in the background as he worked and how it would
    affect my jaw.

    Have to admit I had a little cry in the car as I wasn’t expecting the
    cracked tooth to be fixed today and it’s never ever looked this good!
    From someone that hates their teeth and doesn’t ‘do’ smiling for the
    camera, I’m genuinely excited about coming back and getting my teeth
    Thank you again,"
    "I am now home once again in Spain and following my brief visit to you last week, for the removal of some post-surgery stitches, I very much wanted to drop you a line of thanks, not only for your professionalism but also for your kindness and generosity. In harmony with your excellent advertising on the outside of number 3, Dartmouth Road, I shall most certainly recommend your services to my friends and acquaintance in the area."
    "Very accommodating, kind, friendly and sweet dentist and reception staff. It’ rare to find such a good quality dentist treating NHS patients in this day and age. Highly recommended. There is a fresh energy to this practice with young, super-qualified, efficient and energetic dentist tending to your teeth."
    "I have now had two appointment at the Riverview Dental Centre. I have neglected my teeth over the years because of a fear of dentist that i have had throughout my life. I have found the two dentists that i have seen to be very kind and very professional and the staff at the practice are also very friendly and helpfully. As a serving Police Officer, i will certainly recommend the Riverview Dental Practice to family, friends and colleagues."
    "Absolutely Perfect! From the moment you telephone the dentist, to the moment you leave, the visit is a reassuring and soothing experience. Being totally dentist phobic, i kept the leaflet from the practice as it stated they looked after ANXIOUS patients. The receptionist is professional, caring & helpful. The dentist was extremely calming; he explained every procedure and put me totally at ease, was aware and understood i was terrified, but had the ability to make my visit relaxed and relieve me of my fears. I strongly recommend this practice. Any previous bad experiences will be replaced by the highly professional team. I now have no panic attacks when i hear the word DENTIST, just confidence."
    "I am extremely pleased with the service and treatment from this dental practice. Even though i have only been here for one month, i feel very satisfied with everything i have had done. Both the dental surgeon and staff in the reception have restored my faith in what seems to be today a decline in the dentists available today and have already recommended the practice to many people.
    Just a brief note to say once again a big thank you for you kindness and patience today.It is beyond words how I feel that you are there when people are in need. As always dear Claire is also a great comfort but everyone is a credit to you and it shows it must be because of your guidance. With greatful thanks once again"
    "As promised I am writing to you about my dentures, Ali finished my present set which he started last autumn,two weeks ago,and I couldn’t be more pleased . He took great care and I am sure they are as near perfect as false teeth can be!"
    "I am writing to express my thanks for the treatment of Mrs Margot Udamen today on the 7th February. Margot awoke quite frightened this morning due to an oral bleed, and called out her friends and a paramedic. On my arrival I phoned your surgery, and the staff were brilliant, we were told to come straight in. On arrival your staff set Margot at ease, and your dentist and dental nurse were excellent and sorted her out very quickly, with a great deal of care and compassion. Please can you pass on my thanks to your team, and also thanks for Margot’s Son."
    "I have just arrived home from your dental surgery,having had a tooth extracted. I am lost for words to express to you how much I am in admiration that you have such a beautiful and caring dentist."
    "Hi, Thank you all for your kind help yesterday on my first visit to your surgery, I was made to feel very welcome from my phone call to my treatment by a dentist. I was also impressed by the overall appearance of your surgery and how everything looked very clean and tidy. The hardest thing for me was getting out of the car park which took a whole 30 seconds! Thanks"
    "To Dr Kasmiri, You are the best Dentist ever! Love Rose xxx"
    "Having been patients at the surgery for over a year now, I feel that I must write and tell the team how happy both my husband and I are with the treatment we have received. Everyone is so kind, friendly and helpful. Christina always has a smile and Dr Soni is so gently and informative, as was our previous dentist, who’s name we can’t remember! Having been scared to death of the dentist séance being a child due to ‘gas days’, I have hated visiting one and never went for about ten years but now I like coming and it has taught me, albeit a bit late, how to care for my teeth and I have no fear of sitting in the chair now. We would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to all the staff and hope that get a well deserved ‘well done’ from the management team on our behalf."

    I have worked here for eight years now. I find this a very friendly and stress-free environment to work with. Lovely staff, efficient practice manager and excellent colleagues anyone would dream to work with.

    Dentist, Forest Hill Dental Surgery

    I started recently with Harunani & Co. I work well with my nurse, staff are friendly, close knit team and the practice manager is approachable and always there to help

    Dentist, Forest Hill Dental Surgery

    I like my practice manager, she is friendly & co-operative Well established family run business with good patients list. My nurse is excellent.

    Dentist, Forest Hill Dental Surgery

    I have been working here for nearly two years now and I love working with my co-workers because everyone is friendly and helpful towards each other and patients.

    Receptionist, Forest Hill Dental Surgery

    I have been working for Harunani & co for 6 years now. I enjoy working at Forest hill branch; it is a friendly place to work where you get the opportunity to learn and grow

    Practice Manager, Forest Hill Dental Surgery

    Love working here at Forest hill branch, it makes me feel special to be part of the first practice owned by Harunani group. Friendly staff and professional environment.

    Receptionist/Nurse, Forest Hill Dental Surgery

    The patients are the main reason why I enjoy working at Brixton Dental Care. My colleagues are the best!

    Receptionist, Brixton Dental Care

    A fantastic company to work for, I have been working here for the past six years and look forward to another six!

    Dentist, Brixton Dental Care

    Lovely working environment full of fun and enthusiasm for delivering excellent dental care!

    Dentist, Brixton Dental Care

    It has been a pleasure working for this company for the last four years where I have been given the full clinical freedom and flexibility to pursue my interests and expand my skills.

    Dentist, Brixton Dental Care

    At Brixton Detal Care you are sure to find a friendly and caring working environment where striving for excellence in Dental care is most valued.

    Dentist, Brixton Dental Care

    A friendly and caring family run dental practice where it has been a pleasure working for the past six years.

    Practice Manager, Brixton Dental Care

    I am a qualified dental nurse who has been working within Harunani and co for over one and a half years. I received excellent training from the company and we as group strive for excellence for our patients.

    Dental Nurse, Eastbourne Dental Care

    The Eastbourne Dental Clinic has been a fantastic place to work. All the staff are very friendly and there is a great team atmosphere. There are a wide range of clinical cases that walk through the door and feel my clinical ability has been expanded vastly through working at Eastbourne dental clinic.

    Dentist, Eastbourne Dental Care

    I enjoy working at Eastbourne Dental clinic as each day is very different. I enjoy delivering excellent service to patients at the reception desk.

    Receptionist, Eastbourne Dental Care

    Eastbourne branch of Dentistry for you is a very well-run dental practice. I found that the nurses and management are very friendly, co-operative and helpful in every way. I feel very proud to be a part of this practice.

    Dentist, Eastbourne Dental Care

    I enjoy working within the Harunani and co group as we have an excellent team atmosphere where all staff members are very hard working and keep a very high level of infection control throughout the practice. I enjoy building up a rapport with our patients on a daily basis.

    Practice Manager, Eastbourne Dental Care

    I am a qualified dental nurse and I have worked at Dentistry for you for over 2 years. I thrive on giving high patient care and ensuring we have a very high level of infection control. I have been head nurse since September 2012 and enjoy my job role.

    Dental Nurse, Eastbourne Dental Care

    Good and friendly management team, investors in peoples is the strongest key for me.

    Practice Manager, Leigh Primary Dental Care

    Opportunity to develop and learn new skills and train new staff. Flexible shift.

    Receptionist, Leigh Primary Dental Care

    Nice and very busy practice needs much bigger budget to meets the patient turnover. Good opening times allow for more patients to be seen.

    Dentist, Leigh Primary Dental Care

    Nice staff- eager to cover and help. Friendly and efficient dentists. Dentist allowed flexibility with treatment planning.

    Dentist, Leigh Primary Dental Care

    It has been such a pleasure working at Quest in Maldon. Since joining the practice in september 2012 the whole team have supported me in my role as receptionist and made my job really enjoyable.

    Receptionist, Quest Dental Care

    Quest Dental Care & Co is our good reputation I love the feedback we get w hen patients tell us how happy they are with the treatment they get.

    Practice Manager, St Clements Dental Care

    Although being new to Dentistry for You, i felt at home with all the friendly staff.

    Dentist, Mid Essex Dental Care

    I really enjoy working as part of a friendly team

    Dental Nurse, Mid Essex Dental Care

    I enjoy being part of a busy happy practice.

    Dental Nurse, Mid Essex Dental Care

    Having worked as a dental nurse for Dentistry for You they have helped me progress in my career.

    Practice Manager, Mid Essex Dental Care

    I have really enjoyed working here so far, everyone is very nice and welcoming they have been happy to help and answer questions. i’m sure i will continue to enjoy it as i find dental nursing very interesting and the fast pace keeps you busy!

    Receptionist, Mid Essex Dental Care

    Since day one the team members have been very friendly and pleasant to work with, every dentist I have worked with has been brilliant and helped me to pass my exams.

    Dental Nurse, Mid Essex Dental Care

    "Thank you Mr Had – Very kind and sympathetic during my treatment."

    "I was much worried when i came here. But when my surgeon started to speak to me, all of my worries flew away. It is really appreciated, the attitude and the care given to me by my dentist. Thank you so much sir!"

    "Most amazing experience after a traumatic attempted extraction yesterday. Cannot recommend enough. Thank you so much!"

    "Dr Had – BRILL!"

    "Had & Summer were superb. Very professional. Job well done! Thank you so much"

    The whole day was well conducted, from impeccable organisation to very engaging and informative lectures. Dr David Cheshire, highly experienced in the dental world, led a very good session using actual cases where delegates were encouraged to think, assess and share diagnoses and prognoses between colleagues. I very much enjoyed Dr Cheshire’s style, and even as a non-clinician found myself very engaged with the discussions. I was very impressed with the knowledge and experience Dr Harunani shared with us in his lecture on the Patient Journey. He gave a refreshing view on running a dental practice from the perspective of the patient, looking at different aspects of management and client engagement, e.g. reception, waiting room, in the dental chair, etc. in a way that truly reflected the needs and wants of the patient and honestly looked to making the experience an excellent one for each individual patient. The venue, refreshments, good range of sponsors and lovely welcome added to the wonderful experience of the day. Thank you very much.

    Samantha Sparrow, Assistant Secretary, London Local
    Dental Committees

    Patient satisfaction is very important to us

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