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DentistryForYou has been chosen by the NHS Local Area Team (LAT) as a preferred provider for specialist Endodontic services to referring dentists within the South East London Region. We currently operate this service from our Brixton branch.

The advantage of using our Endodontic service is that a patient can have their treatment carried out in the comfort of a dental practice rather than being referred to hospital. Additionally, the waiting times for any treatment are substantially lower.

This service is provided under an NHS contract and any referred patient is referred back to the referring dentist after treatment. Our surgeons are fully qualified and accredited and approved by the LAT.

Patients can also be referred privately if outside the area or the treatment is not covered by the NHS

All Endodontic procedures are carried out under local aesthetic where the patient is given an injection into the gum, yet remains wide awake. Whilst most patients find the thought of the procedure worse than the procedure itself, we have highly trained staff to support them through the process.

If you are one of our patients, please discuss this service with your dentist. Otherwise, if you are a patient at another dental practice then you should in the first instance speak with your own dentist. For more information about this service, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01702 746 089 or using the contact form.

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